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The Villages of Abuti-Tegbleve

(Sun. July 15th)

It was raining a good, solid rain as we pulled into the new village. I couldn’t help thinking it was the sky crying for me and how much I miss “my village.” All will be good, however, as I’ve been joined by two freshmen–Lisa and Aleia–from Alma College in Michigan who’ve also been in another village for two weeks. It’s fun sharing and comparing stories of “our” villages. By lunch, we were joined by a group of 12 volunteers from Outlook Expedition in England and it’s great to have a larger group to experience everything with. Having nine16 year old boys here is a blast for the village kids; lots of running, lifting, and roughhousing…

Village Farewell Ceremony

(Fri. July 13th)

When the village Chief shares that I have changed the village for the better and that the kids will miss me, I wonder if he’ll ever know how mutual the sentiments are… At the beginning of this journey, I hoped to have questions answered I never knew to ask. I now know that I will return here again soon, that I have many projects to accomplish, that I know where to begin, and that the blessings of this cultural exchange of one “yevoo” spending time to learn the ways of the village are far-reaching. Perhaps one of those exponential benefits that know no bounds and cannot me measured, nor adequately put into words.

The Women of Mafi Tsati

Better than TV

(Fri July 6th)

Basket weaving attracted quite the local crowd with the ‘yevoo’ weaving! The locals clustered around to see if I had any skills, and some stayed for the entire 3-hour duration!  Turns out I’m a pretty decent basket weaver–thanks, Mom! And thanks to both of my basket coaches: Agbey, one of the teens, and the man who took his coaching job VERY seriously! Your guiding hand was much appreciated!

“Getting Loose” at school – Cultural Performance

(Thurs. July 5th)

At the end of the school day, the entire school gathered and a group of students where selected to do the drumming, dancing, and performing. The kids can most definitely out-dance me (by far!), but I did pretty well when one student challenged me to a handstand contest mid-dance. I got to try the drumming with a couple of tree branches–much more of an upper-arm workout than it looks!