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Friends for Life

(Sat. July 14th)

I’ve made many friends here during my two-week stay, and some of the families are near and dear to my heart. I’m already looking forward to returning, so I can see how Portia has grown and how Grace and Lorita are doing in Junior High School. David has been asking me every day for the past few days if he can come with me to California. Augustina (Grace and David’s mom), the amazing woman who has cooked all of my delicious meals, tells me she and the kids will miss me. I will most definitely miss them, too, as well as the flurry of village activity each morning, the kids flocking to me in the afternoon when school is over, the beautiful women in the village with their huge, curious smiles, asking “Afoi?” and laughing a heartfelt laugh when I’m able to respond “Eeeee, mefon” in Ewe. Though the 4 a.m. roosters were not my favorite, it will take a while to adjust to my quiet neighborhood at home where the occasional plane landing or departing accounts for most of the neighborhood noise. Kids screaming, mothers yelling, roosters crowing, birds competing for air-time all at once, will be ingrained in the sound-files of my memory forever.