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DIVOG (Disaster Volunteers of Ghana) is an amazing organization of local Ghanians from Ho who partner with non-profits to improve the lives of people in the villages. One of their main projects is building schools, because of the belief that knowledge is power and the future of Ghana lies in the hands of the kids. In addition to using funds donated by groups like VIDA (Volunteers for International Development and Aid), they not only oversee the building of new schools, but involve the members of the community in order for the community itself to have buy-in into the project.

Bright was my DIVOG guide for my two weeks in Mafi Tsati. He wins the award for the best Red Red ever! Red Red is a local dish of black-eyed peas in red sauce with fried plantains. Yummy!!!

Thank you Bright, and all of DIVOG, for taking such great care of me in Ghana and for introducing me to the Village of Mafi Tsati, who’s people have a special place in my hear forever and whom I plan to return to visit very soon.