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The “Ant Hill”

(Tues. July 17)

The project site looks a bit like an ant hill this morning, with what I’m guessing is close to a hundred people shoveling and hauling dirt in pans on their heads and dumping it in to fill in the foundation for the future school site. Then repeat. Some of the women are singing and playing pranks on each other to keep it fun.

Today I really earned my breakfast, lunch and dinner making bricks like a good little worker-ant. I have a new-found respect for construction workers who work in the sun, heat, dirt, and sweat all day. My shirt was soaked by lunch and I go through waves of being tired of being filthy, then feeling completely ridiculous about it since I’ll be leaving in less than a week to go back to my cushy western life…

It’ so hot today that during my after-lunch siesta, I’m lying in my bed naked and still can’t cool down. As a group, we’re fantasizing quite a lot about ice cream and swimming at the waterfall we’ll visit on Thursday. No matter how cold it is (and I’ve heard it’s cooodold), I’m jumping in!