About Margit

My first trip to Africa was in 2006 on a Group Study Exchange through Rotary International. With five amazing teachers from San Diego, our journey took us to East Africa—Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya—visiting schools, orphanages, and universities, all the while doing home stays and having the times of our lives.

The Kenyan Maasai Mara is by far the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced—regal giraffe running along side our plane when we landed, sleek lion stalking ten feet from our safari vehicle, elephant mothers flaring their ears letting us know we better move out or else… I left part of my heart in Africa and have wanted to return since.

Last summer I went to Ghana, West Africa, thanks to a “Travel for Good” grant through Travelocity and thanks to my incredibly talented brother, Harald, for helping with the application video (see You Tube “Send Margit to Ghana!”)

The world is my teacher as I take a break from the classroom during the summer. Working with Globe Aware in Ghana was an amazing learning adventure and am grateful to everyone who helped me get here! This summer, please help me return https://theglobalclassroom.wordpress.com/donate/   Thank you!!!

2 responses to “About Margit”

  1. KellyInTheKitchenDotNet says :

    Hi there! I think your blog is really great, so I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award 🙂

    • mboyesen says :

      Thank you, Kelly! What an honor! I appreciate the nomination and you checking out the blog! 😉 Looking forward to spending some time on yours as well.
      From one lovely blogger to another!

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