The Best Moments Remain Uncaptured

Though I’ve taken some nice photos up to this point, it’s by far the times when the camera is tucked away in the safety of my room that the pricelss photo-ops occur. Tonight after Maxwell and I finished our 2 hours of waiting for things to spin on the computer, starting over because something got erased, or reviewing what we’ve learned thus far, my favorite kids (my neighborhood kids) and I sat down with my computer to sift through photos of the last few days. I brought “toffee” of course… What’s a movie without popcorn? Skittles work as popcorn… Hot, sweaty, dirty bodies piled on top of each other, all leaning on me in order to see the screen. A glorious end to the day. I would have loved to capture Portia’s little naked body with her perfect little belly sticking out while she’s picking half-eaten skittles out from a plastic toy with a lid looking at the computer screen. But I’m content with this moment, the camera stowed away, there is no way it could convey how much I love these times. So, as it should be, the best and most precious moments remain uncaptured.

About Margit Boyesen

Teacher. Photographer. Traveler.

One response to “The Best Moments Remain Uncaptured”

  1. Wendy Bosworth says :

    But they are captured quite nicely in words.

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