The Beautiful Faces of Mafi Tsati


IMG_7107 IMG_7331 IMG_7718 IMG_7727 IMG_7728 IMG_7746 IMG_7917 IMG_7925 IMG_7989 IMG_8166 IMG_8216 IMG_8242 IMG_8307 IMG_8311 IMG_8381 IMG_8435 IMG_8440 IMG_8513

About Margit Boyesen

Teacher. Photographer. Traveler.

One response to “The Beautiful Faces of Mafi Tsati”

  1. eyelookfashion says :

    Hi Ms.Boysen! It’s Ruby Irons! I love these pictures, you really captured each person. Käthe Andranian told me about your blog, I’m happy I found it! The pictures of the little kids are so precious! It must be so much fun to go to Ghana every summer, you have probably have met a lot of people! Anyways, I’m glad I was able to stop by your blog, keep posting!

    ~Ruby Irons~

    P.S I heard someone say that you adopted a kid from Ghana! Is it true?
    P.P.S My blog link is right here. You will have to copy and paste it though, I don’t know how to create links! ➡️

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