Composing His First Facebook Post

Like a proud parent, I smiled to myself as Maxwell struggled through composing his first Facebook Post. I don’t think he understands what Facebook is, really, so I give him much credit for trusting me and proceeding with it. He’s sent me several emails and it seems he understands the power of communication through email, but as for Facebook, he has absolutely no context for it since no one in the village has a smart phone (much less a computer).

Maxwell has been an amazing learner, though I’d be lying if I didn’t share that it’s been very frustrating at times: when the internet connection fails, when he says he’ll “be right back” and doesn’t return for the rest of the evening, leaving me staring at a computer screen trying to load a photo to Facebook. We never did succeed in loading a photo, because the connection was so unstable and slow. If you’re a Facebook user, feel free to “friend” Maxwell Zutunu…who knows where this may lead…

IMG_7778 IMG_7780


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