The Women of Mafi Tsati

A few of you know that one of my goals in returning to Mafi Tsati was to take photos of the women for a book I want to call “The Women of Mafi Tsati.”  So, when Maxwell and I were talking itineraries I explained that I wanted to spend an afternoon visiting with the women in the village. As lost-in-translation goes (and goes and goes…) he arranged for them to all meet me under the mango tree this afternoon. Gulp. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I made the most of it. As I was addressing the circle of incredibly beautiful women, I started choking up. I know none of them could tell (my voice must be so strange to them anyway; it’s strange to my own family…). I didn’t cry, but if I’d continued saying more about how women are the backbone of a society, how honored I am to be here with them, and how important the women in my life are, I’m sure I would have… So I cut it short, which is just as well, I’m sure. Who knows what I was actually saying to them via translation…



About Margit Boyesen

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