The List

Since before I arrived in Mafi Tsati, I’ve been keeping a secret list of those I want to invite to join on a “field trip” to Wli Falls, a famous landmark in Ghana. Last summer, while I was staying in Abuti Tegbleve village, we visited a monkey sanctuary and the waterfall. Oh the glorious refreshment of running water! Most in the village haven’t been to either.

The idea was born before I left the States… I think no matter where you’re from or what your circumstances are, having your horizons broadened can never be a bad thing. Take me for example: when I was young, I’d never heard of “study abroad,” and imagine what I could have accomplished if I’d found my love for travel decades earlier than I did?

Anyway, many of the people in the village have never been outside of their neighboring villages, so Maxwell and I are working on the list of people who will travel the 2+ hours each way to visit the falls and the monkey sanctuary, while Augustina and I make arrangements and preparations for travel provisions (“take away” food, water, etc.).

Maxwell and I are both very excited about the trip and the list continues to grow, shrink, change and develop…We need to finalize it tomorrow–which is no easy task given how special of an opportunity this is for those who are going.


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