First Gmail!!!

Maxwell wrote his first email! I’d sent him a short message via my phone while he was practicing other features on the computer (yay for it actually sending). When he opened his very own gmail inbox for the first time, he was thrilled to find that he had mail (I wish I had a video of it!). Read his Thank You email below…

Trip to Ghana: $5,000. Helping someone access email for the first time: Priceless.

IMG_7782The email he sent me to share with all of my friends who supported the trip:
It interest me to express much thanks to you for the wonderful work
you did for me to make my dream of having computer a reality. In fact,
my ultimate appreciation goes to God, for through our redeemer, Jesus
Christ, your source of knowledge and strength.

I wish to say without any reservation that we without your
contribution and support, my plan of having a computer would have
suffered a major jeopardy. I thank God for your life and pray for a
bigger success in your business endeavors. It is therefore my fervent
hope that this computer will not only restore the much needed
communication between us, but also but smiles on the faces of all my
students and all the staff members. Mr. Anand and his family should
also take their share of thanks for the provisions they offer to me.
May the upliftment and blessings come faster, in the name of God.

Finally, I wish all of your friends who have contributed towards your
journey the best of luck in all their endeavors. Thank you and may God
bless you all.

Yours faithfully,
Maxwell Zutunu
Mafi Tsati, Volta Region


About Margit Boyesen

Teacher. Photographer. Traveler.

2 responses to “First Gmail!!!”

  1. Victoria Clark says :

    I hope this is the beginning of wonderful things for the school!

  2. Maya and Sejal janaswamy says :

    Great work Ms Boyesen and Kudos Maxwell. Hope the computer serves you and the school well. We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting journey !!!!

    We loved the pictures you are posting.

    Maya, Sejal Janaswamy

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