The Village: A Photo Essay

IMG_7062 IMG_7298 IMG_7323 IMG_7327 IMG_7336 IMG_7702 IMG_7745 IMG_7886 IMG_7923 IMG_8046 IMG_8171 IMG_8243 IMG_8250 IMG_8274 IMG_8332


About Margit Boyesen

Teacher. Photographer. Traveler.

9 responses to “The Village: A Photo Essay”

  1. Tamra says :

    Beautiful people Margit. It looks quite neat and tidy in the village. Most people stateside would flip seeing a two year old with a knife or machete; there, it’s probably the first thing they play with, cuz it brings food! Please elaborate on that if you can!

  2. Tatjana says :

    Beautiful people, beautiful photos Margit! Love the big knives with the little kids and the pig seems to be smiling! 🙂 Hope the PC finally works out! We were just talking about you yesterday here and getting somewhat worried that there were no new blog posts…but here you are, glad you made it. I could have given you my old laptop PC if I had known that!! I hope you can connect to the internet. Happy 4th of July from around half the world!

  3. Marianne says :

    Dear Margit,
    You are really a very, very skilled both photographer and writer. It is a huge pleasure to follow “The Global Classroom”
    Good luck ahead.
    Hope to meet you the next time you are in Denmark.
    All the best from your Danish cousin
    Marianne (Flemming’s daughter)

    • mboyesen says :

      Marianne!!! How wonderful to hear from you! I so wish I could have made it to Denmark this time, but I’ll be back. I hope to see you next time I’m in Copenhagen. Thanks for leaving a comment. Hope all is well with you. Hugs, Margit

  4. Nancy says :

    Such touching photos, Margit. Love seeing the people of “your” village and hearing what you are up to. Love, Nancy

  5. Brian Kruse says :

    Wonderful pictures. Would love to see the story behind each one. Keep it up!

  6. Janet Ilko (@writin4change) says :

    Your photos capture the essence of the work you do with this project. I am so proud to know you! I think you should consider writing a book/articles about this work. You are definitely on to something here!

  7. Casey says :

    Beautiful photos. Brought tears to my eyes. I’m so glad you’re there, Margit. xox

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