For My Students in the MAC Class

The soccer balls, Frisbees, Chinese jump ropes and jerseys you sent with me were super popular with the kids; in fact so popular they created many, many fights. They all wanted to own the Frisbees and balls for themselves and it was really hard to establish a “community basket” of play equipment (like we have at school), but with the help of the kids in my building we finally got it worked out…for a while. In the photo below, I’m buying a basket for the equipment from a neighborhood boy… Also, can you spot last year’s MAC shirt in any of the pictures?

IMG_7242 IMG_7270 IMG_7690 IMG_7694 IMG_7697 IMG_7715 IMG_8440 IMG_8446 IMG_8513 jerseys MACshirts


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4 responses to “For My Students in the MAC Class”

  1. Pat Lawyer says :

    Fabulous pix. Just proves all kids can play and all kids can fight!!!! Doesn’t matter where you are.

  2. Janet Ilko (@writin4change) says :

    Love the photos!! So amazing to see those beautiful faces. I shared your posts with our W4Change kids and I will be posting this link on our page. We ended on Wednesday but are trying something new. Each week there will be a prompt posted for students to inspire students to write and keep connected. I am interested to see if we manage to have students continue with us!

  3. tosh says :

    I love the MAC tee shirts.

  4. Casey says :

    Oh how I wish I could see these kiddos in person! You are doing such amazing things. I so look forward to your updates. Thanks for sharing these special moments.

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