The Importance of Being Ernest

The biggest blessings in life are often unexpected, as was the case with Ernest. Two days before my trip, my friend Scarrain called to invite me to join her and her family in Balboa Park for a birthday outing. I wasn’t able to join them, because–true to Margit-form–I had too much to do to prepare for my trip. When she learned I was going to Ghana, she said her daughter’s best friend’s boyfriend would be in Accra working with the UN for the summer and maybe I would like to contact him. I absolutely wanted to!

Ernest has been the best travel companion ever—a native Ghanaian who is studying at UC Berkley,  speaks four local dialects, and can negotiate cabs in the city ten times better than I can. We ate our share of Red Red, braved the mass transit bus to Cape Coast, met Alex from South Africa at the canopy walk in Kukum National Park, and even petted a crocodile! It turns out Ernest was not only a huge, unexpected blessing and important travel companion, but is also my neighbor in Hillcrest! Can’t wait to learn how to make Red Red when I get home, so I can have Ernest and his girlfriend, Amberly, over for some reminiscing…

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