Cape Coast Slave Trade Castle

The worst parts of our human history are the most important to not forget. The Holocaust… Slavery… As the tour guide said, we cannot change our past, but we can consciously choose how to react in the future. I had the same sickening feeling during this slave trade tour as I did at the slave trade castle in Zanzibar six years ago. The sickening realization that humans have treated other humans like animal garbage not so very long ago takes hold of my stomach and I want to vomit. Two hundred men in a dark, dank room the size of my living room with three small, high windows, for two weeks to a month at a time doing what humans do on a daily basis. I want to think that human kind has moved away from this type of treatment of each other, but then I think of the middle east, the racial tensions in classrooms in Stockholm, the guns and weapons that are drawn in the name of religion and color and belief-structure, and my hair stands on end realizing that as a human race we have actually not come very far in our evolution…

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2 responses to “Cape Coast Slave Trade Castle”

  1. tosh says :

    why would somebody do that?????

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