Making Bricks

(Mon. July 16th)

Like Mafi Tsati, this village is building a new school and we spent the morning mixing sand with cement and water, making brinks, carrying water, and carrying dirt to fill the school foundation. Some of the highlights of the morning included one of the teenage boys being offered to marry one of the worker’s twin two-year old daughters and another man was christened the village cheerleader as he’d clap and yell, “Nice one!!! Nice one!!! Congratulations!” for every one of the 80 bricks we made before lunch.

Why so slow you ask? All materials are mixed by hand. There were only 3 shovels, two brick molds and one wheelbarrow for the entire brick-making group. A cement mixer would be an absolute game-changer here, though we may have to settle for simply buying and donating a couple more shovels and brick molds.

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