Village Comedy Theater

(Fri. July 13th)

The best farewell gift one can ever receive: the village thespians (half a dozen teens and young adults) performed a comedy by the light of the bonfire. If it had been possible to videotape, I would have, but the light cast from the flickering flames was not enough to light the black faces in the black night. Even though I don’t understand but a handful of words in Ewe, it was one of the funniest pieces of impromptu theater I’ve ever seen; a hilarious comedy spoof about the clash of traditional polytheism with modern Christianity. Expertly translated by my friend Maxwell. The end—bittersweet–marked the end of my two weeks here. I feel so happy and filled at and the same time as very sad that it’s time to leave my friends here.

Adorable side-note: The chief’s son, Nukunu, is a really good boy and cool kid. During the comedy theatre, he leaned against my legs (along with 4 others) and played with my feet and toes the whole time. He’s 12.

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