It’s rare that I meet a person I respect, admire, and love within a week of being introduced to them. Maxwell is the most amazing person I’ve met on this journey. Not only is he a teacher, a minister, a father of 5, the coordinator of the Bankless Bank, a farmer, and a good friend to many, but he’s also an impeccable host, village tour-guide, and friend. If it weren’t for Maxwell, my two-week village experience in Mafi Tsati wouldn’t have been as rich and joy-filled. Maxwell has boundless energy and is an “everything to everyone” type, and was invaluable in helping with translations between Ewe and English. I really appreciated Maxwell’s curious and gracious nature, his sense of humor, and interest in people. He accompanied me on his motorcycle to the market, the multi-village water reservoir, and the palm-wine tapping field trip. Amidst everything, he had to deal with the police because his brother had been assaulted (everything turned out OK in the end and his brother is fine)—he handled it all with poise, grace, and clarity. What a lovely person. I owe a great deal to Maxwell, and I know I want to be involved in improving life in his village…


About Margit Boyesen

Teacher. Photographer. Traveler.

One response to “Maxwell”

  1. Wendy Bosworth says :

    He has a wise face.

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