This one’s for Katie

(This one’s for Katie and the students in the MAC class)

Many of the kids got to pick a bracelet today, thanks to Katie Proal who made all of this possible. Katie, a 9th grade student at SDA, made 100 beautiful bracelets for me to bring, and taught my students back home, who made the rest. The village kids swarmed to the bracelets like bees to the hive and I need to hand out more tomorrow. Kids without one pass me and hold their wrist out saying, “Give me one.” Can’t wait…

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About Margit Boyesen

Teacher. Photographer. Traveler.

3 responses to “This one’s for Katie”

  1. Becky Escobar says :

    Hi Margit!Kaelani is here and I showed the girls all your pics. They loved to see the friendship bracelets! They miss you! Looks like you had a great time, and what lucky kids to have you there with them! Enjoy the rest of your travels!

    • mboyesen says :

      Hi Becky! How fun! Thanks for sharing!!! It’s been an absolutely amazing trip! I have SO much more to upload but the speed’s been excruciatingly slow… Hopefully more from Europe 🙂

  2. Tamra Fago says :

    These children are GORGEOUS! I can FEEL their intrinsic beauty and love and gratitude. What joyousness is conveyed. I look forward to seeing you at our Pearly gathering when you return. xx Tamra

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