Soup in my hand

With the patient guidance of two village moms, I managed to cook my own dinner; traditional Okra soup (okra, fish, onion, spices) and banko (cassava root ground to “gari” meal mixed with corn meal, then cooked in water to a paste-turned-dough). Rumor has it, I almost pass for a local, rather than a “jevoo” posing for photos… That is, until they showed me how to taste the soup to see if it needed more salt. “Pour it in your hand, like this, and taste!” said Dora (Portia and Alicia’s mom). Yowee! Too hot for me! The tough skin on their hands can handle so much more than my pampered hands.

The sudden rain caused an abrupt scramble inside to finish cooking. The tin roof amplifies the music of the heavy drops, and though the kids are sad their fun has been put to an end (adults shooed them home), it’s a welcomed reprieve from the humidity and mosquitoes (though the three that escaped the rain are hovering above me on my mosquito net–bastards!)



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4 responses to “Soup in my hand”

  1. wbosworth says :

    Soup in your hand?! We are pampered!

    • mboyesen says :

      Hi Wendy! Yeah, lots of instances of paling in comparison… The women are so tough and so strong. They can carry 10-15 gallons of water on their heads, while I can carry only 4. They can pour soup in their hand to adjust the salt; me–not so much. At the work site in the second village, women were carrying babies on their backs while carrying large pans of dirt on their heads for the school-building project. It’s been such a humbling experience being here…

  2. Donna Proal says :

    Hey Margit, love this global classroom… such a treat when you get to share with us all. The photos are wonderful & the kids are beautiful.You look like you are doing well, that’s good to see. We’re keeping our eyes on the wrists, we figure you have a plan. Be cheerful, Donna & Katie 🙂

    • mboyesen says :

      Hey Donna and Katie! Great to hear from you! Yes, I most definitely have a plan. Have so, so many wonderful pictures of bracelets and wrists, but since I haven’t had internet access in the village and I’m posting to the blog in chronological order, I’m “way behind” as far as uploading. I must have at least 20 more posts ready to go and over 100 photos. The “Desperate Photographer…” post yesterday, took me about two hours to upload b/c the connection is so slow. I’ll be in Accra tonight and will add to my blog tomorrow. Can’t wait to share the pictures with you both! Love from Ghana

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