“If you don’t want to know, this is not the place for you.”

Robert with DIVOG (Sat., June 30th)

These were Robert’s wise words to me on our 3 hour drive from Accra to Mafi Tsati, a small village outside Ho in the Volta region. Robert is the head coordinator for Globe Aware/DIVOG (Disaster Volunteers of Ghana) here, and is in charge of getting me set up in my new home. “Perfect,” I thought. This is the place for me.


About Margit Boyesen

Teacher. Photographer. Traveler.

5 responses to ““If you don’t want to know, this is not the place for you.””

  1. Becky Escobar says :

    Hi Margit! Hope it’s going well! We think of you often! Love, the Escobars

    • mboyesen says :

      Thanks, Becky! Having the time of my life! Have 175 photos selected to upload to blog out of 2,500 taken, but with the uploading speed here, I may only get to 10 today 🙂 Hope all of you are having a wonderful summer! Love to the kids!

  2. Krista deBoer says :

    Seeing your pictures and reading your words gives me the chills – in the best way possible! I get choked up just thinking about you there, and I’m so happy for you. Seeing these pics make all the images and memories from our trip flood to the forefront of my mind. I love that it is YOU, who sees all the beauty in this adventure and who experiences this journey with such gratitude, who got selected to go on this trip. Sending you love, love love. xokrista

    • mboyesen says :

      Hi Krista! You’ve been on my mind throughout this travel adventure so far! Was just thinking today, as I drove into Ho in a “trotro” (small mini-van stuffed with more people than it can fit) that I wish you were here! We’d have SUCH a blast! Thanks for your sweet words! Love you so much!!!

  3. Tamra Fago says :

    Thrilling, your adventure there! I can’t wait to hear more awarenesses! Higs,

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