Eventually, Sleep…

When my friend, Krista, and I traveled to Thailand a couple years ago, we’d hiked into the hills of Chiang Mai with our adventure group and were staying in bamboo huts in a small village. In the middle of the night, it was a completely surreal experience to wake up to Christmas carols being sung over and over again in the hills.

What sounds like Christian praise music rock-style thumps on my window and it takes me a second to remember where I am.  It’s 12:22am and I’ve been asleep for exactly 1 hour and 22 min (that’s nearly 6 hours in the last 56 hours). As I peer out my window, it appears there’s a concert going on in a tiny lit stadium-type building near by. Though I cannot make out what words they’re singing, I’m pretty sure it’s something like hallelujah, because the same word is repeated indefinitely. I’m temporarily transported to the hills of Chiang Mai, and I smile as I float into memory and eventually sleep…

About Margit Boyesen

Teacher. Photographer. Traveler.

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