And a Blue Towel…

I arrived at the Pink Hostel in Accra giddy with delight over my amazing traveler’s luck. I expected to have a long flight with no sleep, but I didn’t expect to meet a really beautiful woman who’s aunt ended up driving me to my hostel! My room with this view far exceeded my expectations; bed with a bottom sheet and pillow, air conditioner, a shower, and a blue towel! As if this wasn’t enough, a friend of a friend’s boyfriend who’s here in Accra working with the U.N. met me at the hostel, showed me around the city a bit, helped me shop for a few things I’d left at home, and we had a bunch of laughs over dinner. Thank you, Ernest! Look forward to catching up in Ho!

Tomorrow morning, I hope to snap a few photos around the neighborhood before heading to Ho… I’ll need to leave my blue towel behind, but am so excited to meet the Globe Aware staff and the people in the village of Ho.

About Margit Boyesen

Teacher. Photographer. Traveler.

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