A Journey Begins

“The best journeys answer questions you didn’t even think to ask.”

These words from adventurer Jeff Johnson in the documentary 180 Degrees South resonated with me as I snuggled into my coach seat crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Ghana. Some people dream of one journey their entire lives and do whatever it takes to get there, putting most of their time and energy into it. This is something I deeply respect and was true for Jeff with his dream to summit Corcovado Mountain, Chile. My dreams and journeys have evolved over time, as is true with this one to Ghana. Some have asked, “Why Ghana?” and others have wondered why I would you spend three weeks of my summer to volunteer to help build schools and work on projects to improve infrastructure in Ho, Ghana. I know it doesn’t actually make economic sense for one person to fly half way across the world to help in a small village in Africa for three weeks. The total cost of this trip would probably pay for 5 water pumps in 5 different villages…  Though I struggle with this knowledge, and how to make sense of the economic end, I trust that there is a much greater purpose for this trip than the physical change the dollars bring. I trust that the connections I will make and the learning I will gain and share, will grow beyond the economic value and be more than worth it.  I know this journey will bring up questions I didn’t even think to ask, though the answers remain to be seen…

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About Margit Boyesen

Teacher. Photographer. Traveler.

4 responses to “A Journey Begins”

  1. playlightlearn says :

    I had those same thoughts 2 years ago when I first came to Ghana to volunteer with an NGO for a few months. I’m excited to follow your adventures and wish you a safe journey!

    • mboyesen says :

      Thanks, Chris! I’ve been in the remote village of Mafi Tsati in the Volta Region for two weeks without the internet, but will now be posting 🙂 Happy to meet you!

  2. Casey says :

    Margit, I’m sooo excited for you to make this journey! I can’t wait to check in and be a part of all the adventures. Best of luck and thank you for being so courageous and loving. xo, casey

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